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Tummy Tuck NHS Surgery

A Beginner’s Guide to NHS Tummy Tuck Surgery with impartial, expert information and advice.

Tummy Tuck cosmetic surgery is not usually available in the UK on the NHS as it is considered an aesthetic surgery which is not for medical purposes. This form of surgery is known as elective surgery, where the patient chooses to undergo non-essential treatment. The NHS will not usually pay for a Tummy Tuck, but there are a few instances in which you can receive a Tummy Tuck operation on the NHS free of charge.

As with any form of cosmetic surgery, your first option should be to consult your local GP who can provide you with advice on getting an Abdominoplasty on the NHS. In order for you to receive a Tummy Tuck surgery on the NHS, your GP would need to assess whether you are having any form of physical or mental health problems, such as depression, as a result of not receiving an Abdominoplasty surgery. Any assessment that concludes that your mental health is being affected will need to be agreed with your local PCT (Primary Care Trust) and will almost certainly involve visiting a psychologist or psychiatrist to help resolve the issue before you can receive surgery.

Another reason why you might wish to have an NHS Tummy Tuck is as a result of undergoing any other surgery, such as weight loss surgery, that has left excess loose skin or scars, which need to be removed by a Tummy Tuck operation. Again, your GP will be able to help refer you to a specialist plastic surgeon who is BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) or BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons) registered.

Finally, you may be able to receive a free Tummy Tuck NHS surgery if it is to correct any congenital abnormality (i.e. birth defect) or abnormalities caused after pregnancy. This again will require approval from you GP and may involve some level of psychological therapy or counselling.

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