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Buttock Implant

Cosmetic surgery for a rounder, fuller behind

Procedure Summary

Surgery Type:


Procedure Duration:

1.5 - 2 hours

Expected Results:

Reshape the buttocks for a fuller figure

Recovery Duration:

2 - 3 Months

First used:


Results Duration:




Average UK Cost:

£3000 - £5000

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Diet and exercise do not tend to have a great impact on the general shape of the buttocks. So, if you wish to enlarge, lift or reshape your behind, buttock implant cosmetic surgery may be the answer.

Implants were first used in plastic surgery for facial reconstruction in the late 1950s. Since then, body implants have been used to correct defects or to rectify tissue loss which has occurred through injury or disease. More recently, implants (usually made with silicone) are been used to augment other parts of the body for cosmetic purposes, such as the calves, biceps and buttocks.

Who would benefit from buttock implant surgery

Buttock ImplantThere are two separate groups of people that tend to opt for buttock implant plastic surgery. The first are young women seeking the sort of curvaceous figure popularised by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce Knowles. The second group are older women that want to transform their sagging behind into something more youthful-looking. In addition to these two groups of buttock implant patients, there is an emerging third group - men seeking a behind with a more ‘athletic’ appearance.

As one buttock implant patient put it, “I felt my body was fit and fairly good-looking, but my behind seemed to let me down – it looked 10 years older than the rest of me! Now, after a simple implant operation I have a bum to be proud of!”

Before considering a buttock implant you should discuss with your GP if it is appropriate. For instance, the cause of a small or sagging behind may be the structure of your legs and waist rather than your buttocks.

Undergoing the procedure and the recovery process

The precise location of your implant, and hence the method used to insert it, will depend on your specific requirements as well as your surgeon's recommendations.

Both implants are inserted into each buttock through a single 50mm-75mm incision made between the buttocks at the base of the spine. For each buttock, the gluteus maximus (buttock muscle) is lifted up and a pocket created just large enough for the implant. Each implant is inserted into its pocket. The position of the implants can be slightly adjusted to create a natural, symetric and cosmetically pleasing appearance. The incisions are then closed using fine, dissolving sutures.

You will then be required to stay in hospital overnight and remain face down for 48 hours. Following that, you will not be able to sit down for at least ten days and will not be able to resume most normal activities for a month. More rigorous activities will not be able to be enjoyed for about two months after the operation. In addition, as the incisions made during the surgery are in an area prone to infection, potential complications can occur.

Follow-up visits will take place in the months after surgery to check on your progress, and you will be left with some firm, pink scarring for at least six weeks which could take up to 2 years to fade.

“For about 2 months after the operation I was thinking, ‘is it worth it?’” said one patient. “Then gradually, the discomfort began to subside and I became aware just how fantastic and shapely my new bum was!

Despite the possibly problematic recovery period, most people find that, after the insertion of buttock implants, the shape of their bottom becomes more defined. And, as the results are permanent, further surgery at some point in the future should not be necessary.

As with all cosmetic surgery, it is essential to follow the advice of your practitioner after the procedure. This will make the outcome as successful as possible and reduce the risk of complications

Choosing a surgeon

When choosing a surgeon to carry out the procedure, personal recommendation is helpful, however, because surgeons specialise in one particular area, a recommendation from a friend after a successful nose job doesn’t mean the surgeon will be the right choice to insert a buttock implant! The surgeon should possess the relevant expertise after experience operating in an establishment registered with the Healthcare Commission (in the UK).

Buttock implant surgery costs around £4,000 . If it is something that you are considering, you can discuss all of the issues mentioned here in greater depth during a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon.

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