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A non-surgical method for eliminating ‘immovable’ fat


Procedure Summary

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Procedure Duration:

60 - 90 minutes

Expected Results:

Breakdown of stubborn fat using ultrasound

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If you have specific areas of unwanted fat on your body that will not shift, even with diet and exercise, there is a non-invasive solution that may be able to ‘melt’ your fat away. By simply using sound waves, UltraShape®, the commercial name of an ultrasonic body contouring device, will selectively break down fat cells without affecting nearby structures such as skin, nerves and blood vessels.

There are a variety of surgical methods for reducing large fat deposits that typically result in a great deal of swelling and bruising and require many days off work to recuperate. One of the most popular fat removal systems of recent years has been liposuction. This process was enhanced in the early 1990s by combining it with ultrasound to liquefy the fat before it was extracted. The ultrasonic body contouring effect behind UltraShape, however, requires only pulses of ultrasonic energy delivered through the skin’s surface without any incisions to break down fat cells in tightly focussed areas. The remnants of the fat are then removed from the body through its own natural processes.

What can UltraShape do for you?

UltraShape is considered to be an alternative to surgery for women and men who want the effective removal of excess fat, in particular localised fat such as that found on the abdomen, the thighs (‘saddle bags’) and the flanks (‘love handles’).

One woman described her reasons for undergoing UltraShape like this: “I was advised that UltraShape is not a method for losing weight but to reduce the permanent, but unsightly, deposits of fat that are there however much weight you lose. Well, I had a great figure apart from what looked like a pocket of blubber on each hip. So I had the UltraShape treatment and my pockets of blubber have been emptied and now my thighs have a much more natural looking contour.”

Please note, however, that you will not be considered for UltraShape treatment if you are pregnant or have one of a number of conditions, including cardiac disease, high cholesterol and haemophilia, that could preclude treatment. This and other issues relating to your suitability for treatment will be discussed during your initial consultation with the practitioner.

Undergoing UltraShape treatment

The practitioner carrying out the UltraShape treatment will first examine and mark out the area to be treated on your skin.UltraShape Then, without any anaesthesia required, the practitioner will use a handheld device to deliver focused ultrasound energy over the area that has been marked out. The fat is broken down and processed via the body's natural mechanisms. The entire procedure is guided by UltraShape’s advanced tracking technology which ensures the fat cells are selectively and safely disrupted, resulting in smooth, uniform contouring.

Treatment time ranges from 1 hour to 90 minutes, the procedure is painless with only very rare side effects and there is no recuperation period required, allowing you to resume your normal routine immediately. “I was amazed,” said one woman after her treatment, “It was a genuine ‘walk in, walk out’ procedure. No anaesthesia, no discomfort and no recuperation.”

Fat released during UltraShape treatment may take up to 14 days to be transported away from the treated area. This process may be accelerated by exercise during the 14 days following treatment (at least 45 minutes per day is recommended) and by reduced calorie intake the day of the treatment and reduced carbohydrate intake for 14 days after treatment (carbohydrates substitutes include meat, fish, vegetables and fruit). The manufacturers of UltraShape assert that a 2.5cm circumference loss in one area is typical after a single treatment session. One treatment is usually enough, though you may feel that repeat treatments may build on the initial fat loss.

Who should carry out UltraShape treatment?

Only medical professionals and technicians that are suitably trained and qualified to use UltraShape should carry out this procedure. The cost of the treatment depends on the size of the area being treated and the number of areas that you have done in a single treatment session. As a guide, prices will be in the region of £500 per area. If UltraShape is something that you are considering, you can discuss all of the issues mentioned here in greater depth during a consultation with an experienced practitioner.

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