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Micro-Current Treatment

A non-surgical face-lift using low voltage electricity


Procedure Summary

Surgery Type:


Procedure Duration:

Up to 30 minutes

Expected Results:

Tightens and lifts sagging facial skin and muscles

Recovery Duration:


First used:

1980's in USA

Results Duration:




Average UK Cost:

£50 per session

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As well as its many medical applications, micro-current treatment provides cosmetic benefits by tightening and lifting sagging muscle and skin.

It was first used in the 1980s in the USA to help stroke victims and other people suffering from the partial paralysis of their face, causing it to droop down on one side. Micro-current treatment helped to pull the paralysed muscles back into position. This effect has now been adapted for use in non-surgical, cosmetic enhancement.

Are you a candidate fro micro-current treatment?

If your face is displaying the signs of aging, micro-current treatment will make you look younger. The degree of improvement will depend on a number of personal factors, such as the amount of collagen and elastin in your skin (which decreases with age), your diet and water intake, the amount of exercise you take and the damage caused to your skin by sun exposure.

According to its proponents, micro-current treatment will reduce or eliminate fine lines, creases and wrinkles; hydrate the skin, making it smoother and softer; improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage; and firm sagging skin. This has many applications, such as tightening flabby jowls, chins and cheeks; lessening the puffiness and dark circles beneath  the eyes; and even reducing symptoms of sinusitis, rosacea and acne.

Micro-current technology does not just benefit the face. By toning and lifting sagging body areas, it can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, and generally improve the skin and muscle tone on the stomach, thighs, back, arms and  hands. As one patient commented, “I used micro-current treatment for a buttock lift. MicroCurrent TreatmentThe result is not as dramatic as the surgical alternative, but it has firmed up that flaccid appearance that I was starting to get. Also, it is vastly cheaper and quicker than surgery and it doesn’t involve a lengthy recovery time or any risk of complications.”

You may be unable to undergo micro-current treatment if you have skin condition, are pregnant or have a history of heart problems (including having a pacemaker). Your suitability for the procedure will be discussed during your initial consultation with the practitioner.

Undergoing micro-current treatment

There are a number of micro-current machines currently in use, and the specific details of the treatment will vary depending on which type of machine is used. The general principles, however, remain the same.

Each micro-current session lasts about an hour and does not require any use of anaesthesia. The therapist will apply pads or probes to the area being treated. These deliver a very low voltage electrical current that is so small it is measured in millionths of an ampere. The current stimulates the muscles, though you will actually see and feel very little, if anything at all. This stimulation gently exercises the muscles, leading to an increase in the production of protein. Some micro-current practitioners claim that micro-current therapy can also stimulate the lymphatic system and the production of collagen.

Generally, the treatment does not cause any discomfort and is free from side effects. Typically, up to 15 sessions, plus monthly maintenance treatments, are required, depending on the desired result. “It’s so quick, simple and hassle-free,” said one beneficiary of micro-current treatment, “that I think of it as like going for a hair-do, or a massage – just a pleasurable part of my regular upkeep!” An additional benefit of the treatment is that it ‘shakes loose’ toxins from your body. Drinking plenty of water afterwards, therefore, will have a purifying effect on your system as the fluid washes the toxins from your body. As with all cosmetic procedures, it is essential to follow the advice of your practitioner after the treatment. This will ensure that the outcome is as successful as possible and reduce the risk of complications.

Who should carry out micro-current treatment?

Micro-current machines are typically found in beauty salons and can be operated by specially trained beauticians. Prices usually start at around £50 for a 30 minute session. If micro-current treatment is something that you are considering, you can discuss all of the issues mentioned here in greater depth during a consultation with an experienced practitioner.

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