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Dentures NHS

Can I get Dentures on the NHS?

Yes, NHS Dentures are classed by the NHS as a complex dental procedure (Band 3). Dentures on NHS should be available from your local NHS Dentist. Dentures NHS or private will usually produce a similar end result to the patient. However, it is likely that your NHS denture will be made from a lower quality material than private dentures. NHS dentures will look fairly natural but are likely to stain quicker than non-NHS dentures. Also, the amount of time or advice your NHS dentist can give may not be the same as receiving private dentures when compared to NHS dentures.

How much do NHS Dentures cost?

The price of dentures on the NHS is the same as any Band 3 treatment which is currently 198. These costs cover any initial examination and advice for dentures on the NHS as well as additional procedures.

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